Steelhead Alley

Lake Erie steelhead fishing is one of the best fisheries in the world, with large runs of steelhead from late September till around the end of May in the larger streams.  Streams like Elk Creek in Girrard Pennsylvania offer some fantastic fishing with lots of unspoiled nature; Elk Creek gets one of the largest runs of steelhead and also sees one of the largest runs of fishermen.  Fly fishermen on Elk Creek doing well fishing with streams swinging them in the tailouts and heads of holes.  Also when the pressure is on at Elk Creek changing to sucker spawn, crystal meth, or nymphs can be the ticket fished under a strike indicator.

Elk Creek PA Steelhead

Elk Creek in Girard PA feeding into Lake Erie is the largest steelhead stream in Pennsylvania and is also the most popular steelhead stream in the State of Pennsylvania. This stream is a beautiful limestone stream that holds massive amounts of steelhead during the fall, winter, and spring months.

Cold Water Steelhead

Steelhead fishing can often mean fishing in cold temperatures for fish that are holding to tight to the bottom. Most of my best days of steelheading are on days that the weather is terrible from blowing snow to cold rain to wind that blows your fly line backwards. Often on these days steelhead are hugging the bottom and not willing to move to far to attack a fly.

PA Trout Season 2021

Trout season in Pennsylvania is almost upon us again and fishermen throughout the state will begin to start thinking about where and how they will catch these cunning fish this year.  The first day changed for the 2021 season.  Opening day for the entire state is now April 2, 2022

Deadsticking for Bass

Deadsticking anyone? Or a better question is how much patience do you have? Deadsticking is one technique that takes a lot of patience, but it's a dead easy but an extremely effective way to target bass in shallow water and over fished lakes. So what is deadsticking?