Post Spawn Bass Fishing Locations

For a lot of bass fisherman throughout the state the tournament bass fishing often begins directly after the spawn when fish will move off of their beds and begin to move out into the lake. During the spawn bass are located up and down the shores and in shallow bays spawning but as soon as the female is done spawning she will move off the bed and leave the smaller male there to protect the bed.

Bass Fishing at Night Tips

Finding bass in the summer can be difficult due to how bass will move to deeper water and often suspend and the sheer number of boats on a lake; however bass feed more often during the summertime. When do they feed one might ask the answer is nighttime.

Bass Fishing Top 6 Lures

So many fishing lures so little time, but most bass lures are meant to catch fishermen and not fish. Yes they all will catch bass, but all lures can be broken down into three categories being top, middle, and bottom. Also all lures are meant to imitate something that the fish are feeding on from shad to crawfish. Other lures are meant to make a bass angry and trigger a reaction strike. I have created this top 6 list that describes what lures I have the most success with and what colors I find the best.

Early Spring Bass Fishing

This is the time of year in the northeast when bass fishermen all begin thinking about getting out on the water that first time after the ice vanishes from our favorite bass lake. Fishing in the very early spring can be difficult or can be excellent depending on if you locate the bass. Locating bass in the early spring is actually very easy to do.

Fishing Jigging Spoons

Everybody has heard they are a good lure but how many of us have actually taken the plunge and learned to fish a jigging spoon. My day was several years ago during a bass buddy tournament on my home lake of Lake Raystown in Pennsylvania when I was fishing secondary points for bass and I noticed on my fish finder large schools of fish that were sitting in 20 feet of water suspended in the middle of the water column during a crisp day in October.