For those who love the thrill of catching fish while experiencing the beautiful ocean scenery, surf fishing is the perfect activity. But, as with any type of fishing, it takes practice, skill, and the right equipment to make the most of your time on the beach.

Mastering surf fishing requires knowledge of the different types of rigs used, as well as how to use them effectively. In this article, we will explore the 5 essential rigs every surf angler needs to know to increase their chances of catching a variety of fish. From the simple fish finder rig to the more complex Carolina rig, each rig has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

With the right techniques and gear, you can become a successful surf angler and enjoy the excitement and rewards of the sport. So, grab your gear and let's get started!

Walleye Bottom Bouncer Diagram

Walleye fishing is no longer going out with a bobber and minnow or just casting a jerk bait in search of a hungry walleye. Walleye fishing has evolved into a very popular tournament sport where walleye anglers will use various techniques to catch these wary fish. One of the most popular and most versatile ways to pick up walleye is by utilizing a bottom bouncer to slowly fish the bottom of a lake.

Dipsy Diver Diagram

So you’re thinking about heading out to do some deep water trolling for lake trout, walleye, steelhead, or salmon, but you don’t own downriggers and you really don’t want to spend all that money for downriggers. Guess what? You don’t need to spend all that money for downriggers you can get down there using divers like Luhr Jensen’s Dipsy Divers or their Jet Divers. Divers like the Dipsy Divers allow you reach depths up to around 70 feet just by having the correct trolling rods and reels with line counters to count out your line to reach those depths.

Trolling for Stripers with Bait

Fishing for striped bass is a really popular sport as of late with more and more fishermen targeting stripers in areas such as the Chesapeake Bay, Hudson River, and many inland lakes around the country.Often stripers can be caught by boat trolling artificial lures such as bucktails, crankbaits, or umbrella rigs. However there are times when live bait is the cats meow for stripers and will often outperform artificial baits by big margins.Often you will hear reports of fishermen catching summertime stripers in the Chesapeake Bay “Live Lining” spot, or inland fishing with shad, alewives, or live trout. Slow trolling live bait for big stripers works in almost any impoundment from saltwater to freshwater.

Fly Fishing Dropper Rig

Fly Fishing can often be tough, but one thing that will dramatically increase your fly fishing success is by utilizing a dropper. Fly fishing with a dropper is fishing with two flies on the same leader. There are several ways you can successfully use a dropper rig to improve your catch rate from using a dropper with a dry fly to dead drifting steelhead on your favorite great lakes tributary. Here are some dropper rig tips and techniques that will improve your fly fishing success.