Walleye Bottom Bouncer Diagram

Walleye fishing is no longer going out with a bobber and minnow or just casting a jerk bait in search of a hungry walleye. Walleye fishing has evolved into a very popular tournament sport where walleye anglers will use various techniques to catch these wary fish. One of the most popular and most versatile ways to pick up walleye is by utilizing a bottom bouncer to slowly fish the bottom of a lake.

Tough Fishing Conditions

If your found your way to this page you're tired of getting skunked when you go fishing, and by skunked I mean not catching a single fish on a day out on the lake or stream. Often you'll hear fishermen say They weren't biting‚ or Must be a cold front, or maybe you heard To Nice of a day‚ yeah us fisherman are full of excuses. Most of the time you can avoid the skunk by changing your pattern or by using your brain to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Fishing with Tubes

My all time favorite bait to fish for bass and especially smallmouth bass is a tube. If I were only to take one lure to go bass fishing this would be my bait of choice. The tube is probably the most versatile bait to fish for smallmouth bass. This bait can be fished from top to bottom and you only need three colors to cover all the situations you will encounter when fishing for smallmouth bass in lakes and reservoirs.

Texas Rigged Tube

Probably the most effective and most utilized way to catch bass by tournament anglers is to be using a texas rigged worm or tube. This rig will allow you to fish in heavy cover without getting snagged or tied up in the weeds. Bass often lay is some of the heaviest cover especially during the daylight hours to protect from light and to ambush their prey. To get to these bass nothing is better than a texas rigged worm or tube.

Fishing a jerkbait can be a fantastic way to locate fish and catch a limit in short working order. A jerkbait fished correctly will imitate an injured baitfish like no other bait. By using a jerk, jerk, pause presentation you will make your lure jump and dart then pause like a injured minnow or shad. If you use a continuous jerking motion you will effectively imitate a fleeing baitfish that doesn't want to be eaten.