Surf Fishing

One of the most important things to always use when fishing the surf with any weight 2 oz or better is a shock leader. A shock leader is a much heavier piece of line usually 40 to 60 lb test that you attach to your main line on your reel.

Soft Plastic Jerkbait

If I only had one lure for fishing different conditions from saltwater fishing to freshwater it would be the soft plastic jerk bait. This is one of the most versatile lures, which can be fished from the top of the water column to the bottom. You can fish it fast on top to often get a slamming reaction strike to fishing it slow to bring when fish are less aggressive.

Dipsy Diver Diagram

So you’re thinking about heading out to do some deep water trolling for lake trout, walleye, steelhead, or salmon, but you don’t own downriggers and you really don’t want to spend all that money for downriggers. Guess what? You don’t need to spend all that money for downriggers you can get down there using divers like Luhr Jensen’s Dipsy Divers or their Jet Divers. Divers like the Dipsy Divers allow you reach depths up to around 70 feet just by having the correct trolling rods and reels with line counters to count out your line to reach those depths.

Fishing with Tubes

My all time favorite bait to fish for bass and especially smallmouth bass is a tube. If I were only to take one lure to go bass fishing this would be my bait of choice. The tube is probably the most versatile bait to fish for smallmouth bass. This bait can be fished from top to bottom and you only need three colors to cover all the situations you will encounter when fishing for smallmouth bass in lakes and reservoirs.

Fish Finder Rig

So have you ever wondered what a fish finder rig was and how the heck do you use one when surf fishing. Fish finder rig are also referred to as 8nb8 or b8n8 or in simpler terms bait and eight. Which means basically a hook a swivel and a 8 oz pyramid sinker. Now you don't need to use an 8 oz weight in most cases and it' a handful to throw b8n8 into the surf.