Bass Fishing Top 6 Lures

So many fishing lures so little time, but most bass lures are meant to catch fishermen and not fish. Yes they all will catch bass, but all lures can be broken down into three categories being top, middle, and bottom. Also all lures are meant to imitate something that the fish are feeding on from shad to crawfish. Other lures are meant to make a bass angry and trigger a reaction strike. I have created this top 6 list that describes what lures I have the most success with and what colors I find the best.

Top 6 Bass Fishing Lures

  1. Tubes - This is probably one of the most versatile baits you can have in your box. A tube can cover all three water columns being top, middle, and bottom. You can fish a tube on top texas rigged with no weight, jig them in the middle section of water to target bass that are suspended and on the bottom to imitate a crawfish. My top tube colors are Green Pumpkin, Smoke, and White; also I prefer the Magnum Flipping Tubes that Bass Pro Shops carries they are loaded with salt and bass hang on to them when take them.

  2. Plastic Worms - The almighty plastic worm has is the winning lure in tournament history and like the tube can be fished in all three water columns. I will use a plastic worm in heavy cover and rigged on a Carolina rig when fishing in weeds. I prefer plastic worms in the colors black, purple, and green pumpkin. I also prefer the larger worms such as Berkley's 10-inch power bait worms.
  3. Soft Plastic Jerkbaits - The invention of the soft plastic jerkbait has changed the face of bass fishing. The action of a Zoom Fluke is hard to beat, with it’s jerking and diving it's not hard to see why they work so well. I tend to fish soft plastic jerkbaits in the spring and fall with great success.
  4. Swimbaits - This lure has been around forever but only recently have so many anglers found them and they have been made now to look more natural and bass love them. You can catch some reel monster bass on swimbaits by slowly retrieving them in open water around points and humps in reservoirs. I have caught some of the biggest bass in my life by slow rolling swimbaits. My favorite swimbait currently is the YUM Money Minnow in Rainbow Trout and Hologram Shad.
  5. Spinnerbaits - The fish finding power of a spinnerbait can't be beat, I will use a spinnerbait almost exclusively when trying to locate bass when pre-fishing a tournament. If I can find feeding bass on a spinnerbait I know that area is a feeding ground for bass. Another great time of year to use spinnerbaits is in the spring and fall and during cold fronts. I tend to stick to the Finesse spinnerbaits, which are just smaller profile spinnerbaits, and my favorite is the War Eagle Finesse Spinnerbait in white and chartreuse.
  6. Topwater Baits - Topwater lures will successfully target bass that are feeding and also draw bass to the top. One great thing about top water lures is there ability to draw bass out of deep water, but often a bass won't take a topwater. You can take advantage of this by casting out a Senko fished wacky style and allow your bait to slowly sink down to the bottom and gently twitch the Senko every once in a while on it's way down. Usually the Senko won't make it to far and you line will start to run. So the next time your popping your popper and a bass shows his face but doesn't take the bait throw out the Senko Wacky Rigged you won't be disappointed.

So there's my top 6 bass lures but by no means are these the only lures I use when bass fishing, but these lures will always be on my rods. Bass fishing success is often what you have confidence in due to your ability to fish that particular bait. If you get confidence in 6 different lures you will successfully be able to target bass in all three water columns. My biggest tip is to learn to fish a lure and fish it right, but don't get so hung up on that lure that you're blind to other options.