Sand Spike Diagram

One of the most important accessories you can have with you when you go surf fishing is a sand spike, which is used to hold your rod while you are either waiting for a bit or just a place to put your rod while you rig your rod. I never go surf fishing without a sand spike of some sort.

Surf Rods

So you're going on vacation and you thinking about purchasing a surf fishing rod or you have decided to hit the beach and doing some surf fishing in search of stripers and other surf fish. Surf fishing is one of the most enjoyable things you can do on vacation or start as a hobby. What could be better than sitting on beach and watching the waves while waiting for something to take down a rod. And that's the real thrill your waiting on something to bite and you never know what that something might be.

Reading the Surf

You would think something like surf fishing would be as easy as walking down to the beach sinking a couple of sand spikes and throwing out some bait and waiting for a bite. That is what most people do when they go out surf fishing but there are things that you can do to make your chances of catching fish a whole lot better.

Surf Fishing Bait


Fishing in the surf is a great way to spend a day or night chasing the fish that call the surf their feeding grounds. Fish such Striped Bass (rockfish), Flounder, Whiting (kingfish), Bluefish, and Sharks are just a few fish that come to the surf to feed. Targeting these fish in the surf is done generally by using bait on a rig such as a fish finder rig or a Hi-Lo rig (top bottom) with a pyramid sinker in the 4 to 10 oz range depending on wind and surf conditions. There are several different baits, which work well in the surf depending on what type of fish you are pursuing.

Cut Bait Diagram

So you heard about fishing with cut bait and wondered what all the fuss is about? Fish love cut bait especially bottom feeders like catfish and saltwater species such as striped bass, blue fish, drum, etc.. Surf casters have been using cut bait for as long as people have been fishing the surf, but the boat anglers have stayed clear of chucking bait chunks, which makes me wonder why?