Fishing at Indian River Inlet in Delaware is a popular activity for both shore-based and boat anglers. The inlet offers a variety of fish species, such as bluefish, shad, rockfish, flounder, and sheepshead. However, fishing at the inlet also requires some preparation and etiquette, as the currents, tides, and crowds can pose some challenges. Here are some tips and information for fishing at Indian River Inlet:

- The best time to fish the inlet is when the fish are busting the surface chasing bait under diving birds. This usually happens during the incoming or outgoing tide, when the water is moving and the bait is concentrated. You can use metal lures, such as Stingsilvers, Castmasters, or Hopkins, for blues and shad, or white bucktails with white worms for rockfish. You can also use live bait, such as spot, mullet, or minnows, for flounder and sheepshead.

- The most exciting place to fish the inlet is the jetty, which extends from the south side of the inlet to the ocean. However, the jetty is also the most dangerous place, as the rocks are slippery and uneven, and the waves can be unpredictable. You must wear proper footwear, such as Korkers, which have metal spikes to grip the rocks. You should also avoid wearing waders, as they can fill with water and drag you down if you fall in. A personal flotation device (PFD) is also recommended for safety. You should also be careful not to cast across other anglers' lines, or to get too close to their space. Respect and courtesy are essential for a pleasant fishing experience at the jetty.

- If you prefer a more comfortable and accessible place to fish the inlet, you can try the rail, which is the sidewalk under the Route 1 bridge. The rail offers a good view of the inlet and the ocean, and you can fish from either side, depending on the tide and the wind. The rail can also get crowded, especially when the fish are biting, so you should follow the same etiquette rules as the jetty. You should also be aware of the traffic and the pedestrians on the bridge, and not cast over or under the bridge.

- If you want to fish the inlet from a boat, you can launch from the Indian River Marina, which is located on the north side of the inlet. The marina offers a boat ramp, a fuel dock, a bait and tackle shop, and a fish cleaning station. You can also book a charter boat or a head boat from the marina, if you want to fish with a professional guide or a group of anglers. You can fish the inlet itself, or venture out to the ocean, where you can find more fish species, such as tuna, mahi-mahi, and marlin. You should also follow the boating regulations and the navigation rules when fishing the inlet, as the water can be shallow and narrow, and the boat traffic can be heavy.

Fishing at Indian River Inlet can be a fun and rewarding experience, if you are prepared and respectful. You can catch a variety of fish, enjoy the natural scenery, and meet other anglers who share your passion.