Sand Spike Diagram

One of the most important accessories you can have with you when you go surf fishing is a sand spike, which is used to hold your rod while you are either waiting for a bit or just a place to put your rod while you rig your rod. I never go surf fishing without a sand spike of some sort.

I use several different types of sand spikes depending on where I'm fishing. For example, if I'm fishing the surf at the ocean I use a sand spike that 50 to 60 inches in length and if I'm fishing the bay I use a much shorter sand spike that is made of PVC pipe. Also if I'm fishing an area such as jetty rocks or a rocky bank like at Point Lookout State Park in Maryland I'll use a long sand spike made of PVC pipe which can be wedged into the rocks. There are several sand spikes you can purchase for under 25 bucks but you can make a sand spike for as little as a couple of dollars.

How to Make a Sand Spike

  • PVC Sand Spike - It's easy get a 10 foot piece of schedule 40 PVC pipe at the hardware store and cut it in half using a hacksaw at a sharp angle in the middle which is used to sink it into the sand. Then drill a hole on the other end 18 inches down from the opening and put a bolt with a wing nut on the one side. This will keep your rod from going to deep in to the PVC pipe. You can shorten them up if you like but this will give you two 5 foot long sand spikes.
  • U Channel Sign Post and PVC - These are great for fishing the surf at the ocean and they are best if made over 48 inches in length. This will keep your line way out of the water and will keep your line free of weeds. What you do is cut a U Channel Sign Post at the desired length then connect a piece of PVC pipe with eye bolt which goes through the holes in the U Channel at the bottom of the PVC pipe and into a hole you drill into the PVC pipe. Then connect two hose clamps around the sign post and PVC to stabilize the PVC pipe.


Either sand spike will do the job just remember to sink them at least a foot deep into the sand to keep the big fish from pulling them over into the ocean or sand. A sand spike is must have when hitting the surf and nothing could be better than sitting on a beach watching the waves crash in with a rod in a sand spike waiting for a bite.