Lake Raystown Striped Bass

Striped bass fishing in Pennsylvania is limited to a few locations with one of the more popular and least understood being Lake Raystown in Central PA.Raystown Lake is a large 28-mile long lake with water depths that reach over 100 feet.Raystown Lake largely is undeveloped and is miles and miles of beautiful wooded shorelines, steep cliffs, and large flats. Sounds great huh? Well Lake Raystown is also one of the toughest lakes to locate fish on a consistent basis due to it’s size and abundance of baitfish like gizzard shad, alewives, & other species of baitfish.However that doesn’t make it impossible to catch stripers and there are defiantly some monster in the lake.

Early Spring Bass Fishing

This is the time of year in the northeast when bass fishermen all begin thinking about getting out on the water that first time after the ice vanishes from our favorite bass lake. Fishing in the very early spring can be difficult or can be excellent depending on if you locate the bass. Locating bass in the early spring is actually very easy to do.

Steelhead can strip a fly reel to it's backing in one run down the stream is one of the most sought after fish with a fly rod and rightfully so. These fish are pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish I have had the pleasure of fishing for and catching. Steelhead fishing is an absolute addiction for many and has caused a many of restless nights thinking about getting up at the crack of dawn to chase these silver bullets.

USGS Gauges for Fishing

One of the most useful fishing tools I have found that allows me to discover when to go fishing and when to stay home is the USGS Real-time water data website. You can discover the real time flows of streams and rivers across the US via any Internet connection. This information is especially handy when fishing for trout or steelhead and deciding if a stream is to high or to low to fish and will give you an advantage on knowing what flies or types of lures you should have with you.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Locations

Pennsylvania is home to some of the most productive walleye fishing in the country and the Lake that is home to all these walleye is Lake Erie. Lake Erie walleye fishing is to say the least is "Awesome", however it can be a daunting task to pick up and go out and fish Lake Erie for walleye. Having the right boat such as Deep-V is absolutely essential due to some of the rough water conditions that can pop up on Lake Erie in a heartbeat. Also often some of the best walleye fishing is done by trolling in deep water using Dipsy Divers or with down riggers and will require you to have special gear designed for trolling such as rod holders, trolling rods and reels, etc. However if you have the boat and are willing to travel several miles out into Lake Erie some serious fun awaits you at Lake Erie in Pennsylvania.