Surf Fishing Line

You getting ready for this seasons surf fishing expeditions and you think about line again and what's the best surf fishing line available. This is a can of worms I getting ready to open up, but here I go anyway. Surf fishing line can be broken down into two categories mono and braid and which one is better is up for discussion, but I personally prefer mono over braid due to lack of wind knots and it not tearing up my rods and reels.

Also I can easily attach a shock leader to a mono running line and if you get snagged it easier to break off. However many surf fishermen use braid due to it's thinner diameter, knot strength, how it cuts through the wind. Here's some general surf fishing line information and tips that will help you when hitting the surf.

Surf Fishing Line Tips

  • Lighter Line - Most surf fishermen use 12 to 20 lb test line then attach a shock leader to the running. I tend to use 17 lb test Suffix and have great success with knot strength to my shock leader. Lighter line will cast farther and I would say never to go over 20lb test line when surf fishing.
  • Shock Leader - Always use a shock leader when surf fishing this will keep you from busting off a big sinker or lure when casting and potentially hurt someone real bad with a sinker that travels as fast as a bullet. You shock leader should be at least 30lb test for 2 or 3 oz sinkers and 40lb to 60lb for heavier sinkers.
  • Keep Line High - Keep your fishing line high out of the water by using a longer sand spike, which will keep your line free of weeds and from getting pulled by the waves.

So Surf fishing line is a personal decision on what works best for you and what you feel the most comfortable casting. Every fishing line has its advantages and disadvantages but some are better than others. Here are the brands of fishing line I prefer.


Suffix Elite or Siege - 17lb
Trilene Big Game - 15lb or 17lb
Stren Magnathin - 16lb