Bass Fishing Tournaments

Fishing in bass tournaments is very involved, very expensive, but an extremely fun hobby to get involved in. There are many local bass fishing clubs across the country that will allow anybody to join. The world of bass fishing is an ever growing sport which allows you to compete for cash or just for fun. Here are some general tips and tricks you can do to improve your bass tournament results.

Bass Tournament Tips & Tricks

  • Homework - Read a map, look for structure, read fishing reports and then tie it all together. When you pull out a topo map for the lake you will be fishing look for structure like points, secondary points, roadbeds, and flats then mark them with a highlighter. If possible look on the web for fishing reports not to get specific places to fish but rather look for depths to fish. If fish are being caught in 20 feet of water then that will give you a place to start.

  • Pre-Fish - If you can pre-fish a tournament this will give you a big advantage and when pre-fishing for a tournament hit as many of the spots you marked on your topo map to find bass. When you find one bass in an area that's a spot worth investigating more. Bass are often in schools or an area that is holding a bass could be an area that bass move in and out of to feed.
  • Pre-Rig Your Tackle, Organize - Have all your equipment organized and ready, from having new line on your reels to your tackle being organized for quick access. Rig your rods with an assortment of gear such as a Tube on one rod, a spinnerbait on another rod, a jerkbait on a rod, a top-water on another rod. I'll have all my rods rigged and ready to grab, if a school of bass start breaking the top of the water I want my topwater rod ready for me to pick up and cast.
  • Fish Smart - Don't Leave Fish To Find Fish - One of the biggest mistakes that bass tournament anglers make is leaving an area that is producing fish. When fishing a tournament, I'm searching for that one bass then I will target that area for a long period of time knowing that bass are schooling fish or that could be a feeding area that bass will move in and out of. This tip has won me more tournaments than any other tip that I can give. Don't Leave Fish to Find Fish. Keep that saying in your head when fishing a tournament and you will have more fish in your bag when you go to the scales.
  • Fish Hard - When you think your fishing hard, fish harder. Never loose focus, pay attention to what you're doing and make your lure work, don't fish half hearted put everything you got into it. When people fish with me they often ask me if I'm thirsty or hungry when fishing. Eat and Drink when the big motor is running.

Follow these tips and you will catch more in your fishing tournaments. Homework, Pre-Fish, Pre-Rig, Fish Smart, Fish Hard and most import Have Fun