Early Spring Bass Fishing

This is the time of year in the northeast when bass fishermen all begin thinking about getting out on the water that first time after the ice vanishes from our favorite bass lake. Fishing in the very early spring can be difficult or can be excellent depending on if you locate the bass. Locating bass in the early spring is actually very easy to do.

Finding bass after the ice off is all about water temperature and locating the banks that the sun is directly hitting. The sun this time year is definitely your friend and locating shores that gets direct sunlight is the key to an empty livewell or one with a limit. Here are some areas that will hold fish in the early spring.

Early Spring Hot Spots

  • Bluffs - In reservoirs in the northeast bluffs are very common and are an excellent spot in the early spring. Bluffs are rock walls that lead in to very deep water. The bluffs that are hit by the sun during the day are the best and often the water temperature right next to the rocks will be 5 degrees or warmer that the surrounding water. This big temperature change is what makes the bluffs a hot spot in the early spring. Some lures that seem to work the best is a weighted soft plastic jerkbaits fished slowly, spoonbills and suspending crankbaits, and jigs fished parallel to the bank.
  • Wooded Flats - Large wooded flats is another hot spot in the spring, the key once again is the water temperature and direct sun light. If the sun is hitting the wooded flat fish will move up and into the wood, which will hold more warmth from the sun. Some excellent baits to fish is spinnerbaits bumped into the wood, and texas rigged tubes and jigs pitched into the wood / stumps. Bass will ambush lures that fall into their strike zone and often in the spring the strike zone is very small so fish slowly.

So this year when the ice melts off the lake and your heading out to your favorite bass lake pay close attention to your water temp and pay special attention to the banks that sun is directly hitting and you will catch more bass. Most importantly stay safe and warm falling into the lake when water temps are in the low 40s can lead to hypothermia very quickly. Always keep a change of cloths onboard in case of a fall in.