Ice Fishing for Bass

Targeting bass under the ice is not something that many folks do, but during the winter months you are able to catch some beautiful Largemouth Bass while ice fishing. Catching bass in the middle of winter is much like finding bass in the summer months. The bass will move out and hang around weed lines and deeper drop offs. A trick to finding bass in the winter is to know where there was weed beds and weed lines in the fall, bass will relate to these weed lines to feed in the winter months.

Ice Fishing Bass Tips & Tricks

  • Think Small - While jigging for bass keep your jigs on the small side just like the jigs you would use for crappie and perch. Bass will more readily take a small jig or twister than a larger jig in the winter. Spoons such as Kastmasters can't be beat for ice fishing and will catch almost anything under the ice.

  • Weed Lines - Bass will sit on the weed lines in 15 to 20 feet of water during the winter months, where there's weeds there will be predator fish including bass. Target these weed lines with jigging rods and tip-ups armed with suckers and large shiners.

  • Fresh Bait - Bass love shiners and suckers if using a sucker for bait you may want to clip its tail fins to make him struggle under the ice. Fish don't want to chase their food during the winter months and a sucker can swim all over the place making it not a very easy meal.

In conclusion, fish weed lines in 15 to 20 fee of water with tip-ups with large shiners and suckers and jig using small jigs and spoons. If you follow these few tips you will catch bass under the ice. I have caught some of the nicest bass I've ever caught while ice fishing, but don't expect to catch a ton of bass. Catching three or four in a day is a good day, but by using small jigs and spoons you will also catch panfish, which will keep the day interesting.

Good luck and stay warm out there.