Post Spawn Bass Fishing Locations

For a lot of bass fisherman throughout the state the tournament bass fishing often begins directly after the spawn when fish will move off of their beds and begin to move out into the lake. During the spawn bass are located up and down the shores and in shallow bays spawning but as soon as the female is done spawning she will move off the bed and leave the smaller male there to protect the bed.

During this transition female bass will move out off the bed and often school up on a piece of structure that is adjacent the spawning grounds. These areas are known as transition areas and can be good during several times of the year but by far the best time to fish these areas is in the post spawn time frame. So what makes a good post spawn fishing area? One there has to be structure a holding area in the area where bass will spawn. The structure needs to be in somewhat deeper water and be attractive to baitfish and or crawfish. One of the best areas I have found to catch post spawn female bass is a roadbed. Bass will move up on the roadbed to feed and sit on the edges of the roadbed when they are resting. A prime roadbed is one that has a point next to or is part of the roadbed. Other great post spawn locations include brush piles on the edges of flats, main and secondary points, and stumps in deeper water out from where the bass where spawning.

So how do you catch these post spawn bass? The best methods I have found is to either target them using a tube or plastic worm and making long cast to the structure. This is more prevalent when fishing clear water so not to spook the bass from the structure. Also I have had some success targeting these areas using crankbaits and lipless crankbaits, which will work better if the bass are feeding on shad or other baitfish in the area.

Here's an example of what makes a great post spawn bass area. I have fished this location on my home lake for some time during the post spawn time frame and have never been disappointed. If you can find a location like this on your home lake I'm sure you will have the same results as me. Good Luck and Good Fishing!