Texas Rigged Tube

Probably the most effective and most utilized way to catch bass by tournament anglers is to be using a texas rigged worm or tube. This rig will allow you to fish in heavy cover without getting snagged or tied up in the weeds. Bass often lay is some of the heaviest cover especially during the daylight hours to protect from light and to ambush their prey. To get to these bass nothing is better than a texas rigged worm or tube.

  1. Sinker - The sinker is a called a worm weight and varies in weight. If casting your texas rigged bait out and working back you'll want to use a lighter weight. If you are flipping or pitching into heavy cover you may want to choose a heavier weight to get through the cover.
  2. Put the sinker on the line pointed side up
  3. Tie on an off set hook 3/0 works best for tubes and 1/0 works best for finesse style worms and a 2/0 works great for standard plastic worms. If you are using a large worm you may want to use a 4/0 hook.

  4. Put the hook through the top of the tube or worm and pull all the way through
  5. Next turn the hook 180 degrees
  6. Finally put the hook back into the tube or worm making sure the lure is perfectly straight

Fishing a Texas Rigged Worm or Tube

How to fish a texas rigged worm or tube will vary depending on the cover you are fishing. If you are pitching or flipping into heavy cover you'll want to dangle or lift or your bait a couple of times and pitch it into a new location. If you are casting a tube in weeds or are fishing a rock pile you'll either drag it along the bottom imitating a crawfish or hop it along the bottom. A texas rigged worm or tube should always be tied on one of your rods when fishing for bass and especially during tournaments. When fishing along the bank you will more than likely come across some heavy cover that will require you to cast into it. If you skip this heavy cover due to being afraid of getting snagged you are missing the best fishing. I've always told everyone whom I have fished with if you're not getting snagged your not catching fish but with a texas rig you can drastically cut down on how much stuff you loose to the lake.