Small Spinnerbait Finesse

A new popular way of targeting bass is by utilizing a finesse spinnerbait, which is simply just a smaller and lighter spinnerbait. This method is often best during the pre-spawn and early spring bass season. Often bass during these time periods are more lethargic and a finesse spinnerbait can be fished slower and has a smaller profile, which will often pick up more bites than a large spinnerbait.

Some of the best places I have found to fish a finesse spinnerbait is in water that is less than 10 feet and has wood or other structure that bass will relate to. Another great time to fish a smaller spinnerbait is when a cold front has moved in and bass quite hitting the large spinnerbaits or I have found during when fishing pressure is greater such as tournaments a smaller profile spinnerbait will fill your livewell more quickly. The following spinnerbaits are excellent finesse spinnerbaits that will put more bass in your boat.

Top 5 Finesse Spinnerbaits

  1. War Eagle Finesse Spinnerbait - This spinnerbait features a Bass Eagle skirt, two vibrating blades, Sampo swivels, and a Mustad Ultra Sharp hook. And is my new favorite spinnerbait, which is almost always tied on one of my rods.

  2. Strike King Rocket Shad - This is a heavier spinnerbait, which will allow you to fish deeper and cast farther. This is a great smaller spinnerbait when chasing smallmouth or spotted bass in deeper water or in water with current such as below a dam.
  3. Strike King Bleeding Mini-King - Great little spinnerbait, which will work wonders when the bite is tough. I've filled my livewell with a limit of bass when other lures wouldn't work.
  4. Terminator T-1 Tandem Oklahoma - The 3/8 spinnerbait will allow you to fish in cover with a slower retrieve which is needed during cold fronts. This is a good choice when bass are still targeting a larger spinnerbait but want a slower retrieve.
  5. Booyah Pond Magic - This is a awesome little spinnerbait that comes in a variety of colors. This is an excellent choice during cold weather situations and when bass just won't budge on other lures. An all around excellent spinnerbait.

Next time your out and the fishing is tough and the bass just won’t seem to hit your double willow spinnerbait tie on a finesse spinnerbait you won't be disappointed. Just remember fish it slower and make multiple cast to structure and you will be rewarded with a boat full of bass.