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Here at FishingMOZ we believe that fishing is an addiction that can only be cured with a fishing rod, reel, & friends. Here you'll find articles and fishing reports that are designed to help you catch fish, not your wallet. Tight Lines, FishingMOZ ~Dave

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If I can help I will, it's why I made this site :)

About Me

Dave is a lifetime fisherman with more than 20 years of bass fishing tournament experience and over 10 years of fishing for walleye in the Great Lakes & chasing striper's in the surf of DelMarVa. Dave has been writing fishing articles to help anglers for more than 10 years now when FishingMOZ.com was created.


Take a Kid Fishing!

They're the future of fishing and they love it.

Kids love fishing, so take them!

But remember if your taking a kid fishing Keep It Simple Stupid, no kid likes not catching fish and kids don't care if it's big, Bobber, Hook, Worm = Sunfish and lots of Smiles or for you saltwater folks, bloodworms = croaker & spot = smiles :)


No Boat, No Problem

There are miles of shore just waiting for you to explore!

Got Boat? Great, We love boating, but not always a necessity

At FishingMOZ you will find a lot of information that relates to fishing out of a boat, but you will find probably even more about surf fishing, trout & steelhead fishing which don't require a B.O.A.T (Break Out Another Thousand). Not all fishing requires you break the bank to catch trophy fish.


SeveralFishing Reports, We love them as well!several structural

Want to help others catch more fish share your stories and reports.

Location, Location, Location

is half the battle in sales and definitally the battle in fishing, we won't spot burn a specific location, but I will give you a ton of information in reports so you to can find a location that is similar. I'll let you know the color, the depth, the structure etc.. which will help you find fish in a similar situation.