Surf Fishing

One of the most important things to always use when fishing the surf with any weight 2 oz or better is a shock leader. A shock leader is a much heavier piece of line usually 40 to 60 lb test that you attach to your main line on your reel.

The line that is attached to your main line should allow you to have the weight in casting position and still have several wraps around your reel. This prevents line breaks when casting the weight into the surf. A 2 oz sinker when casted could really hurt someone if broken in the middle of the cast and is propelled down the beach like a bullet. There is several ways to create a shock leader, but I have found the slim beauty knot to be one of the quickest and easiest knots to use when surf fishing.

It connects a heavier line to a lighter line and has great knot strength. Here is a video on how to create a shock leader by using the slim beauty knot, I'm sure once you get used to tying this knot it will be your go to knot when surf fishing like me.