Fishing in the Wind

Fishing in the wind can be one of those things that you often hear anglers complain about, but you will very rarely here me complain about the wind when fishing. Wind is your friend and yes it can be pain to cast, but you only need to adjust your fishing technique and you will be very successful.

Wind does a lot to help improve the fishing in many instances take for instance surf fishing when there is a wind that is blowing into the shore that will push baitfish to the surf and predator fish along with them. Now if you're a bass fishermen the same rule applies fish a windy bank that is getting beat by waves and wind this turbulence stirs up baitfish and crawfish which bass love. My least favorite day to fish is that picture perfect day with no wind and blue skies. Fish move out and down to a deeper water column and are easily spooked.

Some things you can to improve your fishing success when fishing in the wind is to use heavier lures and weights so you can cast and feel your lure. For example, when bass fishing and fishing a tube anglers often try to use to little weight when fishing in the wind and they get a big bow in their line which will lead to your bait being off the bottom and no chance of you detecting the bite. Use a heavier jig like a ounce or even up to an ounce to get a feel for your tube. Saltwater Fishermen can take advantage of the wind to by targeting areas that baitfish will be pushed to where fish can ambush the baitfish such as points, rock piles, and sunken vessels. So next time your out fishing in the wind don't complain just adjust your fishing style to adapt to the wind and you will want to fish in the wind and stay away from the calm water.