Bass Fishing Report California - May 2024

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Bass Fishing Report California - May 2024 was created by FishingMOZ Reports
Here are some recent bass fishing reports for various locations in California
  1. California Delta:
    • Water temperature: 70-72°F
    • Water clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)
    • Fishing techniques: Anglers have been successful using a variety of lures, including:
      • Quad prop buzzbait (white with white spunk shad trailer)
      • 1.5 squarebill crankbait in red/orange craw (limited success)
      • Livetarget squarebill crankbait in matte bluegill
      • Dropshot rig with a 6" MMIII worm (6" from sinker to hook length)
      • Wacky stick worm (5" General in junebug and green pumpkin)
    • Notable catches: Decent 1-pounders, juveniles, and some larger fish.
    • Tips: Adjust your techniques based on conditions and experiment with different lures.
  1. Northern California Lakes:
    • Various lakes in Northern California have been producing bass. Some notable ones include:
      • Lake Berryessa
      • Clear Lake
      • Lake Shasta
      • Lake Almanor
      • Lake Oroville
      • Lake Camanche
      • Lake New Melones
      • Lake Don Pedro
      • Lake McClure
      • Lake Folsom
    • Techniques vary, but try using chatterbaits, crawdad-patterned crankbaits, and spinnerbaits around rocky banks and breaks in the tules.
  1. Trout Bite:
    • Trout fishing has been excellent near the auxiliary dam. Anglers have had success with minijigs, garlic-scented Powerbait, and spinners.
Remember to adapt your approach based on the specific lake, weather conditions, and the behavior of the fish. Tight lines!
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