Bartlett Lake Arizona Fishing Report - Spring 2024

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Bartlett Lake in Arizona is a fantastic spot for fishing, surrounded by the rugged cliffs and mountains of the Sonoran Desert. Let me give you some insights into the fishing conditions there:

Catfish: Bartlett Lake is renowned for its catfish population. Both channel catfish and flathead catfish thrive here. In fact, Arizona’s state record flathead catfish, weighing over 76 pounds, was caught in Bartlett Lake. If you’re targeting catfish, consider fishing during dusk and dawn, as they are primarily nocturnal feeders. Use baits like chicken livers, nightcrawlers, stinkbait, dough baits, hot dog chunks, anchovies, or shrimp.

Bass: Spring is prime time for bass fishing in Bartlett Lake. Largemouth bass head toward shallow creek inlets, coves, and washes to spawn in March and April, usually in less than 15 feet of water. SB Cove and Bartlett Flat are great areas to find bass on their beds during this season.

Weather: The current weather forecast for Bartlett Lake indicates temperatures around 94°F to 100°F during the day, with moderate winds. Night fishing can be especially productive during hot summer days.

Remember to check local regulations, obtain any necessary permits, and enjoy your fishing adventure at Bartlett Lake!
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