Top Bottom Rig

Beach Fishing

A Top Bottom Rig is probably the most common and popular methods of surf fishing whether your fishing the banks of the Chesapeake or the Ocean Surf this rig will cover it all. There are many different Top Bottom rigs some of which you can make but I would recommend just spending a few bucks and get the pre-made rigs. The only Top Bottom rigs I use are the heavy-duty rigs, which are made a lot sturdier than their less expensive counterpart.

The Top Bottom rig I use is a 1040HD - Top Bottom Rig which is a very nice rig and the best part of these rigs is the wires for attaching your hooks is long enough to attach two hooks without ever getting tangled. The best place I have found to purchase these rigs if you want to order them online is from Oyster Bay Tackle , which is located at Ocean City Maryland

Now to decide what type of hooks you need to attach to your top bottom rig. This is completely dependent on what type of fish and what type of bait you are using. If you are fishing with blood worms on a top bottom rig and fishing for Croaker or Spot you want to be using a size 4 or 6 hook. If you are chasing blue fish with a top bottom you will want to use a wire leader hook with a 2/0 hook which will allow you to put a piece of cut spot or bunker on the hook. If you are fishing the surf you will want to jump that up a little bit and also use floats on your hooks with either red or chartreuse floats. These rigs can be purchased from any tackle store and is easily attached to the top bottom rig.
Top Bottom Rig -  Hi Lo Rig

Ok how about the weight and how much should you use. This is dependent a lot on the rod you are using and the fish you are looking to catch. If you are using a pretty hefty surf rod you will want to attach a least a 4 oz sinker so you can load the road correctly to get the best cast with your rod. If you are looking to catch croaker or spot you will likely be using a smaller surf road around 9 foot and not as heavy and a 2 oz to 4 oz sinker will do.

Now just cast it out and sit back and relax and get ready to reel some fish in.