Lake Raystown Striped Bass Fishing

Lake Raystown Mile Marker 19

Striped bass fishing in Pennsylvania is limited to a few locations with one of the more popular and least understood being Lake Raystown in Central PA.Raystown Lake is a large 28-mile long lake with water depths that reach over 100 feet.Raystown Lake largely is undeveloped and is miles and miles of beautiful wooded shorelines, steep cliffs, and large flats. Sounds great huh? Well Lake Raystown is also one of the toughest lakes to locate fish on a consistent basis due to it’s size and abundance of baitfish like gizzard shad, alewives, & other species of baitfish.However that doesn’t make it impossible to catch stripers and there are defiantly some monster in the lake.


Live Lining Striped Bass

Fishing for striped bass is a really popular sport as of late with more and more fishermen targeting stripers in areas such as the Chesapeake Bay, Hudson River, and many inland lakes around the country.Often stripers can be caught by boat trolling artificial lures such as bucktails, crankbaits, or umbrella rigs. However there are times when live bait is the cats meow for stripers and will often outperform artificial baits by big margins.Often you will hear reports of fishermen catching summertime stripers in the Chesapeake Bay “Live Lining” spot, or inland fishing with shad, alewives, or live trout. Slow trolling live bait for big stripers works in almost any impoundment from saltwater to freshwater.