Surf Fishing

One of the most important things to always use when fishing the surf with any weight 2 oz or better is a shock leader. A shock leader is a much heavier piece of line usually 40 to 60 lb test that you attach to your main line on your reel.

Fishing a jerkbait can be a fantastic way to locate fish and catch a limit in short working order. A jerkbait fished correctly will imitate an injured baitfish like no other bait. By using a jerk, jerk, pause presentation you will make your lure jump and dart then pause like a injured minnow or shad. If you use a continuous jerking motion you will effectively imitate a fleeing baitfish that doesn't want to be eaten.

Fishing in the Wind

Fishing in the wind can be one of those things that you often hear anglers complain about, but you will very rarely here me complain about the wind when fishing. Wind is your friend and yes it can be pain to cast, but you only need to adjust your fishing technique and you will be very successful.