Bass Fishing Tournaments

Fishing in bass tournaments is very involved, very expensive, but an extremely fun hobby to get involved in. There are many local bass fishing clubs across the country that will allow anybody to join. The world of bass fishing is an ever growing sport which allows you to compete for cash or just for fun. Here are some general tips and tricks you can do to improve your bass tournament results.

Ice Fishing for Bass

Targeting bass under the ice is not something that many folks do, but during the winter months you are able to catch some beautiful Largemouth Bass while ice fishing. Catching bass in the middle of winter is much like finding bass in the summer months. The bass will move out and hang around weed lines and deeper drop offs. A trick to finding bass in the winter is to know where there was weed beds and weed lines in the fall, bass will relate to these weed lines to feed in the winter months.

Crappie Fishing Tips and Tricks

In lakes across the US Crappie are quickly becoming one the most sought after fish for anglers to pursue. These hard little fighters make great dinner fair but many fishermen are now catching and releasing them to ensure there large numbers in the years to come.

Catching 50 or more crappie in a day is possible but more often than not a good day would be 12 to 15 crappies with a few really nice crappie.

Finesse Fishing for Bass

Fishing now a days can often be tough due to the amount of fishing pressure that the fish have to endure. This is especially true in bass lakes around the US with tournaments and weekend anglers throwing everything under the sun at the bass, which makes them extremely shy to take lures. In these over fished lakes is where finesse fishing can be very effective.

Post Spawn Bass Fishing Locations

For a lot of bass fisherman throughout the state the tournament bass fishing often begins directly after the spawn when fish will move off of their beds and begin to move out into the lake. During the spawn bass are located up and down the shores and in shallow bays spawning but as soon as the female is done spawning she will move off the bed and leave the smaller male there to protect the bed.