Carp Fishing Tips

Mister ugly himself the carp is making it's way to being considered a sought after fish in the US. In England carp fishing has always been popular, however here in the US we've kinda shunned these monster suckers. As a kid I've always enjoyed fishing for carp in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania that flows through the town that I live in currently and have grown up in.

Carp are powerful fish that grow to massive sizes and will give you a good fight and strip the line off a reel quite quickly. Catching carp however can often be tricky, but there are some tricks that will allow you to catch more carp and a lot of them.

Carp Fishing Tips, Tackle, & Bait

So the next time you're out fishing and looking to catch a big fish give carp fishing a try. The kids love to carp fish and it's awesome watching a kid reel in a carp that is over 10 pounds.