Tough Conditions

If your found your way to this page you're tired of getting skunked when you go fishing, and by skunked I mean not catching a single fish on a day out on the lake or stream. Often you'll hear fishermen say They weren't biting‚ or Must be a cold front, or maybe you heard To Nice of a day‚ yeah us fisherman are full of excuses. Most of the time you can avoid the skunk by changing your pattern or by using your brain to adapt to changing weather conditions.

When fish are biting there's usually a reason like an incoming storm or front which turn the fish on, but when fish aren't biting it's often due to being on the wrong side of a weather pattern. However, just because a cold front or other weather pattern moves in doesn't mean your day is shot you only need to adjust your fishing presentation and location for the situation. Here are several tough fishing conditions and things you can do to decrease your chance of getting skunked.

Tough Fishing Conditions and What to Do

So next time your out and it's looking like your going to get skunked use your head and think about where the fish moved to or what else they might be biting on. Fish will always feed it's just a mater of you finding them and presenting them with the right bait.