Night Fishing Tips

Finding bass in the summer can be difficult due to how bass will move to deeper water and often suspend and the sheer number of boats on a lake; however bass feed more often during the summertime. When do they feed one might ask the answer is nighttime.

During the night bass will move up on points and secondary point and to structure to feed. You can catch some real beautiful fish during the night the trick is knowing how to fish in the darkness of night. Here are some tips that will make your fishing experience at night a much happier one.

Night Fishing Gear Needed

Best Lures for Night

Finding Bass at Night

Fishing at night is a great time to fish there is no boat traffic and it is very peaceful and the fishing is awesome. However you do need to be aware of the dangers of fishing at night as well and be careful when running your boat at night. A good many boaters have had accidents when fishing at night but if you use some common sense fishing at night is the right time to fish for bass in the summer.

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