Deadsticking anyone? Or a better question is how much patience do you have? Deadsticking is one technique that takes a lot of patience, but it's a dead easy but an extremely effective way to target bass in shallow water and over fished lakes. So what is deadsticking?

It's easy take a Gary Yamamoto Senko and texas rig it with no weight and cast it out and let it die. When I say let it die, I mean let it fall to the bottom SLOWLY and wait. Bass will hit the Senko on the fall 99% of the time! When the bait stops sinking pick it up slowly to feel for a bass that may have picked it up. That's it! Cast It, Sink It, Lift It, Reel It In. So know you can imagine why I said you need patience, however if you start catching bass with this method your confidence in this technique will be forever. Here are some great places and times to take advantage of deadsticking a Senko:

Deadsticking Where & When

How To Rig

What makes deadsticking so great is it's different and looks extremely nature to a bass. Fishing pressure now is heavier than ever and anything you can do to that makes your presentation different can only benefit you.